Project Description

Web Content Writer for Jewellery Brand: Portfolio Piece

When you’re searching for a web content writer for jewellery brand website pages, you need to find the best writer available. Your industry is highly competitive so you need to deliver a deluxe, luxury presentation of your brand to prospective customers. To achieve this, you need a combination of crisp, cutting-edge design, high-quality images and flawless copy.

The written content needs to be formal and professional yet compelling and intriguing. It needs to be optimised to achieve a good search engine results ranking. And, where appropriate, it needs to include powerful calls to action that capture readers at the appropriate stage of the buying process to enquire or even make a purchase. If you already possess the skills to achieve this then congratulations…however, the fact that you are reading this suggests you probably don’t feel entirely confident about going it alone.

I can write your website for you, whether it be the full site or just certain pages. I have a wealth of diverse experience writing web content for many industries. In the jewellery niche, you can see this portfolio piece as an example of my work. I have also written about other watch brands, precious stones and their settings in various jewellery types, and lots of content about high-end pawnshops in the UK and the USA. I specialise in writing copy that generates organic leads through SEO and scores conversions with engaging copy and compelling calls to action. No matter what stage of the buyer journey you are targeting, I can bring visitors to your website and help persuade them to do what you need them to.

Please read the following for a sample of my work in this niche – you can click the image to visit the live webpage at Mark Worthington Jewellers.

Full webpage entitled 'A Guide to Chanel watches'

Your search for a web content writer for jewellery brand copy has led you here. You’ve found a copywriter who knows how to get the results you need. I can match your brand tone of voice and help improve the performance of your website. Whether you want more enquiries, newsletter signups or increased online sales, just give me your brief and set me on your way.

I can also offer advice on the types of content that will achieve the results you want and produce it within your required timescale. If you want to see more of my work, you can view my full portfolio here. Otherwise, get in touch and let’s talk about your content needs.